Art wIth an Octopus & Other Fun: Your 5 MacKID Event Picks This Week

All your family fun June 5-11

By Macaroni KID June 3, 2024

Filling up summer days is easy with these MacKID Event Picks. Learn about octopuses, catch a concert or do some cooking. Your seasonal staycation has never looked so inviting. Fun from home? Don't mind if we do.

1. Celebrate World Ocean Day

This virtual fiesta starts with an octopus read-aloud by author Randi Sonenshine. If those eight legs aren't enough, wrap up the fun by drawing an octopus with illustrator Anne Hunter. Professional writers and artists, octopus stories, and new friends? That's definitely a great way to celebrate World Ocean Day. June 6

2. Rock Out with Laurie Berkner

The Eras Tour? That's got nothing on this legend of children's music. Join the fun at a mini-concert heralding the 25th anniversary of the classic Victor Vito album. Living room mosh pit, anyone? June 7

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3. Grab Your Utensils for Kitchen Tales

The world would be a better place if we had endless books and snacks. Live the dream, for 30 minutes anyway, at this virtual culinary storytime and workshop with the Chicago Public Library. Snack time = happy time. June 8

4. Go on an Adventure in Magic

Making magical moments together just got easier. Tune in to this virtual magic show and prepare to be amazed. Magic via Zoom means no risk of being plucked from the audience and getting sawed in half. Phew. June 10

5. Learn American Sign Language

Who needs language learning apps to become bilingual when you can join this online storytime with the Chicago Public Library? Books via sign language means they'll pick up some new skills and have a ton of fun. Now this is storytelling we can get behind. June 11